Complete Property Management Solution

Letting Agents

RepairsFluX Complete Property Management Solution is a service designed for established and new estate agents with hundreds of properties require professional property management. RepairsFluX provide 8 hours contact number to your tenants & landlords along with your coordination staff for any property management system.

RepairsFluX also provide access to dedicated team manager to our estate agent clients depending upon the service subscription.You charge your landlord client the agreed monthly management fee and we do all the management works starting from property photos, floor plans, referencing, inventories, check in, repairs & maintenance to check outs.

RepairsFluX monthly landlord financial processing services are offered separately. Alternatively, your tenants continue to pay you directly and you process the rentals in house.

RepairsFluX just arrange services, send you invoices to be paid by your landlord clients. RepairsFluX Services are Guaranteed Lowest Prices nationwide to save landlords hundreds of thousands of pounds on yearly basis. For example, a 5 bedroom periodic property inspection only costs £15 with RepairsFluX compared with over £100 with any other competitor. Check Here for More Details!

RepairsFluX's Property Management Service is just an extension to 3rd party contractor whereby we take over the role of traditional property managers to receive phone calls and log issues into the internal software and then instruct the thirds party contractors. 

All the logs, notes, works orders, invoices are available 24/7 to our agents. 

At the same time, RepairsFluX agent Clients with average 200 properties save over £70,000 per year by not having to employ 2 property managers & saving on infrastructure costs. 

The process is pretty simple. Sign our terms & conditions, we arrange specific contact numbers, you share with your tenants & landlords alongwith unique codes to get the service up and running. All tenants & landlords download apps and start reporting repairs. There is no minimum contract required. However a minimum notice of 3 months required in order to close down the infrastructure & hand back with proper communications.  

There is no cost for signing up, or RepairsFluXPM service to anyone; agents, landlords or tenants. it is just a way to help agents to eliminate expensive property management costs while continue earning property management fees from landlords. 

Last but not the lease, we always answer phone calls with your company's name & communicate with your company's email address.